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SAM solves environmental concerns associated with aluminium pre-treatment

Chemetall GmbH, Frankfurt, have launched a completely new pre-treatment process for aluminium on the European market, called “Self Assembling Monolayers“ (SAM). The new technology not only eliminates many environmental problems associated with aluminium processing at a stroke, but also essentially improves the efficiency of processing plants.

The new proprietary technology is based on organic molecules that align themselves side by side in a perfect formation on the aluminium surface. In doing so they form an extremely thin layer with a thickness of just one molecule which enters a solid chemical bond with the aluminium surface on one side and ensures very good adhesion of the paint layer to be applied on the other side.

SAM is competely free from chrome and it does not contain any other metals meaning that it essentially facilitates recycling of aluminium parts treated with this system.

The process works on all conventional equipment without major adaptations. The reaction takes place in few seconds allowing high cycle frequencies, and the „in-built intelligence“ of the molecules prevents over-dosage, e.g. in case of a temporary plant standstill. Besides much less water is used than with conventional processes, and waste water treatment does not pose any problems at all.

The first industrial application of the process is the production of light metal wheels for passenger cars. Comprehensive test runs by several leading European manufacturers demonstrated the reliability and maturity of the process. In April BBS Kraftfahrzeugtechnik AG commissioned a new plant in Herbolzheim that works exclusively with SAM technology. Virtually all the renowned European aluminium wheel producers are interested in this new technology or are already using it.

Chemetall are currently working on transferring the SAM technology to other aluminium applications.

Contact: Guido Kruppa
Phone: +49 69 7165 2030
Mail: publicrelations@chemetall.com