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Chemetall Oakite introduces the latest Process Equipment offerings in the Ardrox non-destructive testing line
Help locate defects and prevent catastrophic failures

Chemetall Oakite introduces the latest process equipment offerings in the ARDROX NDT line -- Ultraviolet Lamps and Accessory Items manufactured by Spectroline, a world leader in UV technology since 1955. These high performance, state-of-the-art lamps, fixtures, and radiometers are built to exact engineering standards to meet your application demands and budgets. Designed for maximum efficiency and versatility, these UV Lamps, Radiometers, UV Flood Lamps, and UV Inspection Lamps feature super-high ultraviolet intensity and performance in a variety of ways:
· Crack-resistant filter minimizes visable light
· No External transformer needed
· State-of-the-art micro discharge light technology with user-friendly design and 10 the UV-A output of conventional lamps.
· Portable units weighing only 2 pounds.
· Newly designed sensors guarantee stable, accurate readings of UV-A and visable light

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is used in various industries to provide a visible means of finding defects open to the surface on most solids, using a viable dye penetrant that is applied to the surface of the part. Do you perform Non-Destructive Testing in any of your operations? What inspection technique do you use to certify your manufactured products?Market focus includes the following industries:

· Fabrication Shops (Non-Aerospace)
· Engine Rebuilders (Non-Aerospace)
· Welding Supply Houses
· Nuclear Industry (vessels/pressure vessels)
· Petroleum Industry
· Aerospace
· Pipe Manufacturing
· Electrical Utilities
· Railroad Industry

In addition, Chemetall Oakite offers a complete line of Non-Destructive Testing chemistries that includes:
q Dye Penetrants (Full range of ARDROX products to meet the requirements of AMS 2644 and ASTM E-1417.
q Magnetic Particles (ARDROX range of products to meet the requirements of AMS 3044 and ASTM E-1444.

Chemetall Oakite with headquarters based in Berkeley Heights, NJ, has been developing, manufacturing, and supplying state-of-the art specialty chemical products since 1909. The QS9000/ ISO 9001 certified company offers a wide spectrum of products and systems to meet the needs of many industries, including aerospace, agricultural, appliance, architectural, automotive, coil coating, cold forming, and other surface treatment-related markets. Chemetall Oakite’s integrated products, chemical management systems, process equipment, and service programs facilitate the achievement of many industries’ processing needs.
Chemetall Oakite is a member of the Chemetall GmbH Group, a renowned international corporation headquartered in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

Contact: Ron Ascenzo
Phone: +1-908- 508-2109
Mail: ron.ascenzo@chemetall.com